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Feed the FishMichael Matzdorff-4Ross Partridge-2Vanessa Branch-3Vanessa BranchRoss Partridge-3_FEB0220_FEB0221_FEB0222_FEB0226_FEB0242Camera CrewcrewMichael MatzdorffMichael Matzdorff-2Michael Matzdorff-3Mike and RossRoss PartridgeRoss Partridge-4Ross Partridge-5

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Guestbook for Feed the Fish
I was in Door County when Tony Shalhoub (from the show Munk) and his nephew Michael Matzdorff where filming thier new movie called Feed the Fish. The film was release on DVD this past fall.
The main cast was Tony Shalhoub as the sheriff, Ross Partridge as the guy who was a lost soul until he met the sheriffs daughter played by Katie Aselton. Vanessa Branch who is in the photos above was Ross girlfriend from California.
You can find the movie online at Best Buy or look it up at www.FEEDTHEFISHMOVIE.COM
I was only at this location to take photos.
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